Nepal Technical Assistance: Trail Construction for Tour and Trek Guides - Part 1


What can be learned from the experience of mountain bikers? After all they are wheels-on-trails too. Equally important, in what ways is a mountain bike design unsuitable for a wheelchair user? 

Scott Bike SF.jpg

The answers aren't in this post. This only begins to pose the question with an introduction on the sustainable - but too narrow for a wheelchair - single track trail-building practice of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and the construction of  skillbuilding trail park in Colorado.

The main takeaway from IMBA trailbuilding experience is their attention to environmental sustainability.


For more on the IMBA see their web site:

For the IMBA guide to building single track bike trails see: 

Is there a place for the wheelchair, handcycle, or quadbike user in an environment like this in Community Bike Park in Valmont Bike Park in Colorado?

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