December 31, 2008

Looking Back at 2008: An Example from the US

Open green map.htm

Green Maps founder Wendy Brawer has been an enthusiastic supporter of any and all suggestions to improve their remarkable tool for the benefit of travelers with disabilities. Below is a recap of some of their recent accomplishments - and an appeal for support:

2008 has been an action-packed year. 88 new Green Map projects got started! This record-breaking number includes well-known cities like Austin Texas, Cape Town South Africa and Seoul Korea alongside lesser-known places like Sharon Ohio and Gandhinagar India. Each has something remarkable in common – they are changing for the better, and they want everyone to take part!

Our 'Open Green Map' participatory social mapping platform is creating a low-cost new way to promote, share and enhance the sites making progress toward sustainability as well as highlight the challenging places that can be turned around with community involvement. Green Map System has also created new youth tools, updated our globally designed iconography and much more to support locally-led Green Mapmaking projects. Click for 360 unique published editions and to explore the first 36 participatory maps now online at

In the waning moments of 2008, we ask you to make our dream of a better world for all, your dream as well. Tell your friends about how we and our global partners are helping to guide the way, and how they can utilize Green Maps as a resource for choosing where to live, how to get around, where to dine, and for finding green options for employment, recreation, learning and community involvement.

Then, please send a tax-deductible donation that will really make a difference to hundreds of communities by clicking to contribute online in any amount. Or send a check to Green Map System, PO Box 249, New York, NY USA 10002-0249. We will be glad to acknowledge donations made in honor of or as a gift to friends and family.

Reach out to us anytime at info[at]greenmap[dot] org - we encourage your suggestions and ongoing involvement.

Posted by rollingrains at December 31, 2008 01:28 AM