December 03, 2008

The Buildout Bailout: Liberation Through Infrastructure or Just Another Prison Project?

The suggestion to repeat the tried-and-true public works infrastructure solution for re-priming the US economy has made it up to center stage with president Obama proposing it to the nation's governors. Unless it is imbued 100% through and through with the principles of Universal Design it will simply be the largest exclusion-by-design project ever seen. Who is advocating inside the incoming administration for all infrastructure funded by this proposal be vetted for its adherence to the goal of socail inclusion for seniors and people with disabilites?

The nation's governors got to work on Tuesday, taking their case to the president-elect for a $136 billion infrastructure spending program that they hope will funnel immediate government money toward bridges, roads and rail lines in the hopes of creating jobs and spurring the economy out of recession.

It's not a handout or a bailout, insisted the host of the economic forum, Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, the chairman of the National Governors Association. Rather, it's the "best remedy for getting America back to work," Rendell said.

"We think that we can create literally millions of new jobs and at the same time lots of orders for concrete and steel companies and asphalt companies and lumber companies and the like," Rendell said. "None of the bailouts have created one new job. Infrastructure can create, the economists say, 40,000 jobs for every $1 billion of infrastructure spending. Well, that's a huge lift."


For destinations to be desirable and communities to be livable they must incorporate Universal Design.

Posted by rollingrains at December 3, 2008 12:26 AM