November 29, 2008

Universal Design, Visitability and the "Resort Lifestyle" in a Retirement Home

Luxury comes home in Kansas City. It is being described with reference to travel industry products in the "resort lifestyle" retirement home with "cruise ship style dining":

Riverstone Resort Lifestyle Retirement Community in Kansas City, North, offers a “cruise ship” style of dining, said Ted Rychlik, who is the on-site manager of facility..“Our residents can eat all day,” he said. .. the Kansas City facility is the first to offer the “resort lifestyle” rather than the more traditional structure, Rychlik said.

Innovation around town includes a strong does of Universal Design and Visitability according to the Kansas City Star:

What works is universal design — houses that have entryways without steps, wider doorways, lever handles instead of door knobs, elevated dishwashers and accommodations for homeowners or renters whose bodies can no longer bend as low, reach as high or grip as well as they used to.

“The next 20 years in the housing industry is going to look completely different,” said [Jim Albertson, chairman of the 50+ Housing Council of the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City.]

Construction companies are creating villa communities with universal design
and maintenance-provided features or they are building new homes to suit the older homebuyers. Remodelers, too, are retrofitting existing houses with ramps and other accommodations for those who want to stay where they are.

The EasyLiving Home Program, developed by public and private organizations, is a national voluntary certification program promoting construction features that make homes convenient and comfortable.

“Visitability” is one of the buzzwords.

“It means anyone can come visit you and can get in and out of your home without limitations,” Albertson said.


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