July 29, 2008

Inclusive Tourism Workshop Series - India

New Delhi is famously congested –even with every square inch of road, meridian, and shoulder put to full use as a travel lane. Starting about an hour late due to rush hout traffic the first workshop in the Inclusive Travel series filled the auditorium at the Surya Crowne Plaza. It was about as full at the end of the day (sometime after 6 pm) as at the start – a good indicator of a match between message, audience, and delivery.

The workshop covers definitions of disability and Universal Design in a context of customer service in he travel and hospitality industry. Attendees represented both the front and back of the house in the hospitality industry, hotel sales and manageement staff, tour operators, travel agents, and industrial design students. Leadership from several disabled people’s organizations contributed as panelists on the history and future of the promotion of inclusion in travel in India. From my perspective as a presenter it is always most interesting to learn from presentations from such groups s AccessAbility, Samarthayam, and Svayam. Over time excerpts to their presentation and links to their presentations will be posted at Rolling Rains.

From ASTA India:

Over 100 travel industry professionals from the hospitality, tourism and avialtion turned up this morning at the "Cronwe Plaza" New Delhi to attend the full day seminar organised by ASTA India Chapter. Mr. S Banerjee- secretary tourism who attended the seminar before lunch was very impressed by the presentations made by the speakers- Dr. Scott Rains - Publisher Rolling Rains report- US , Jani Nayar from SATH- US and Craig Grimes from AccessibleBarcelona- UK. He stressed on upgrading the infrastructure in every tourism site not only for the disabled but also for people who are approaching old age. He asked the ASTA India Chapter to present recommendations to the Ministry of Tourism after the seminar series. He promised full support and help to the initiative.

A number of DPO's - Disabled Peoples Organisations like- Accessibility, Swayam and Samarthyam were also present at the seminar. Some of their presentations were eye opener. These DPO's are already doing a lot of good work to make the tourism sites disabled-friendly or accessible to everyone!

The ASTA India Chapter team was upbeat about the entire project and they announced to develop a core group to take this further. According to them it is not a one off programme, they plan to develop this project in to a new tourism segment.

For more information on the seminar sessions and presentations, please get in touch with the ASTA India Chapter Admin office:

The next seminar is being held on 30th July at the Mayfair Banquets-

Worli in Mumbai as per the below programme.

9:00 Registration
9:30 Disability Awareness
10:15 What to Say and How to Say It
11:00 Basic Disability Etiquette Skills
12:30 Exercise in Disability Awareness: Disability Lunch
13:45 Debriefing of experiences at lunch
14:00 Inclusive Tourism in India – The current situation
14:30 Inclusive Tourism 101
16:00 Inclusive Marketing 101
17:30 The Future of Inclusive Tourism in India
18:00 End of Seminar- Feedback and Questions from the day

We invite the travel industry colleagues to attend the seminar and take

advantage of this great learning opportunity.

For registration and participation details, please contact:

Ms. Deepika Chowdhry- Event Coordinator
Phone: +91-11-41652406/ +91-11-41652410
E-mail at: admin@astaindia.com

ASTA Office bearers and members working on the seminar series:

Mr. Rajeev Kohli- President, ASTA India Chapter- rajeevkohli@travel2india.com
Mr. Gajendra Singh Panwar- Vice-President, ASTA India Chapter- directorgs@indoasiatours.com
Mr. Vishwas Makhija- Secretary, ASTA India Chapter- vishwas@luxuryindiaholidays.com
Mr. P N Narayanaswamy (Mohan)- Treasurer, ASTA India Chapter- mohan@travelscopeindia.com
Mr. N S Rathor- Member, ASTA India Chapter- garhatwo@vsnl.net
Mr. Ranju Joseph- Member, ASTA India Chapter- ranju@pner.com
Mr. Sriram Keshavan- Member, ASTA India Chapter- sriram@bharattravels.com

Register today!

Seminar hosts

Delhi- Surya Crowne Plaza , Mumbai- Mayfair Banquets and Outdoors,

Cochin- The Casino Hotel, Chennai- The Park

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