May 27, 2008

Food - The Key to Nautical Tranquility!

Aboard a small ship or yacht a good crew works hard. The crew of the Sea Wolf is a great crew.

Kimber Owen, owner of Sea Wolf, took me on a ship inspection to examine in detail the retrofitting done to make this World War II minesweeper into a wheelchair-accessible outdoor adventure platform. Boarding in Gustavus in my wheelchair was easy with the long ramp that captain Mike and engineer Wayne had waiting. This sort of attention to detail went far to making me comfortable with a potentially very awkward transfer. Ultimately, it established a baseline sense of the accessibility of the boat, the competence of the crew, and the safety of the upcoming cruise. So many impressions are established in the first four minutes!

Naturalist Sarah is a fountain of information on the natural environment. Quick to share and eager to communicate effectively she gives the voyage depth along with Kimber through their natural history duets as we pass or approach items of interest. An ample library of books and videos adds to the resources and, reportedly, the crew has developed several activities for when kids are aboard.

I will try my hand at bringing in some fish for the table to see what magic chef Heidi can work on it. Fresh dill, cilantro, ginger, as well as salsas, chutneys, and sauces that I have never experienced before show up at every meal -- except for cookie breaks! The 12-foot table stretched across the enclosed stern of Sea Wolf is becoming a warm and friendly gathering place. The addition of an iceberg flake ("bergie bit") as a table decoration reveals just the tip of the thought and preparation that went into planning this cruise.


Posted by rollingrains at May 27, 2008 06:16 PM