May 25, 2008

It Would be Easier if...

"Can you walk?" asked the TSA inspector as I came through the line in my wheelchair.


"Can you lift up your foot?"


"Can you take off your belt?"

"Yes, but you will have to put it back on me."

So, I was swabbed five different times with those mini TSA coffee filters. This turned up nothing more interesting than sandy loam, pollen, and ash from the fire storming through the Santa Cruz Mountains for the past 24 hours. After a pat-down that caused me to have serious questions about the agent's short-term memory I was freed to repack the pile of rubble resulting from the recent TSA scavenger hunt through my personal belongings.

Fortunately, on the tarmac the gentleman assigned to assist me with the transfer into the aisle chair, up the loading ramp, and into my bulkhead seat was charming. Ace Castro, really seemed to be an ace at what he did - all the more impressive when he thanked me for being so specific in how best to assist me. Maybe he has developed his customer service skills by listening and questioning to be certain that he understands correctly.

The typical fumbling with carry-ons and wheelchair parts was made painless by Bonnie and others on Alaska flight 333.

The quality continued at the jetway in SeaTac as a competent and congenial team did the Disembarkation Schlepp with grace.

Seattle to Juneau began under typically blue-mottled Seattle skies. As we say in Seattle, "The mountains are out today." Mount Rainier to the south through the concourse window and the snow-covered Olympic Mountains west toward the pacific Ocean gave a taste of what lay ahead in Juneau and beyond

Posted by rollingrains at May 25, 2008 05:50 AM