May 24, 2008

Two Disability Film Festivals: Australia & Brazil

Accessible Arts and Sydney Film Festival hosts the 2008 Accessible Cinema program.

Brazil's International Disability Film Festival will become a weekly TV program on Brazil's Public TV (TV Brasil)

Accessible Arts and Sydney Film Festival welcomes you to attend the 2008 Accessible Cinema program.

Press Release:

With another bumper year, this Festival for Everyone, is sure to delight, entice and challenge all film-goers. These range from first screenings of Australian disability films to international films and, for the first time, a forum entitled Silence is Golden, that will give people the opportunity to discuss and debate disability issues.

Get on the red carpet with the highly anticipated films and forums including:

Her Name is Sabine France. French actress Sandrine Bonnaires heartfelt portrait of her autistic sister.

Born Without Mexico. Actor and musician, Jose Flores was the sixth child of a poor Mexican family and he was born without arms. Jose's life is beyond remarkable.

Red Like the Sky
. Italy. Ten-year-old Mirco is blinded in an accident and sent to a rather stern boarding school for the blind. Red Like the Sky is both thought-provoking and captivating. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Silence is Golden?
Forum. Not to be missed, this forum is a chance for people in the disability arts sector to discuss with leaders in their field, why there has been limited access to films for hearing and visually impaired people and how that barrier can be removed. Hosted by Alex Varley (CEO of Media Access Australia) with panellists:
Leanne Emerson (General Manager, Production and Digital Operations, Roadshow Entertainment); Tony Oldham (Operations Manager, Atlab Australia);
Linda Baker and Michael Gold (Access Services, Red Bee Media Australia); and others to be announced.

For further information, images or media enquiries please contact Accessible Arts at 02 9251 6499 or Sydney Film Festival on 02 9318 0999.

Media Contact:Nadia de Ceglie: 0414 741 089 Email:


Jacqui O'Reilly
Information Coordinator

From Brazil:

We are licensing films to be screened on a new TV program about disability for Brazil's Public TV (TV Brasil). We are searching for short films on this issue. They can be either documentary, fiction or animation films as long as there is a disabled person as the main character. The running time cannot exceed 25 minutes. If you have or know of a film with these characteristics that may interest us, please contact us:

About us: We are the producers of Brazil's International Disability Film Festival. After three editions the festival will become a weekly TV program on Brazil's Public TV. Brazil's Public TV Broadcast covers the whole brazilian territory. The Brazilian population is about 200 million people (98% are TV viewers).

Hoping to hear from you soon.


Lara Pozzobon
& Gustavo Acioli


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