February 13, 2008

Brian Sterner on CNN Yesterday & the Today Show Tomorrow

A quadriplegic in Florida is abused on videotape -- at the police station. (Note response received from Commissioner Al Higginbotham below.)

Follow- up:

Dear Scott,

Thank you for sharing with me your concerns regarding the incident at Orient Road Jail. As you may or may not know, I myself am a paraplegic. The actions of the guards and other employees involved were deplorable, unacceptable, and not typical of most employees of Hillsborough County or of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. I have urged Sheriff David Gee to investigate and respond seriously to the actions of his deputies. We look forward to hearing Sheriff Gee’s findings.


Al Higginbotham
[Commissioner Hillsborough County District 4 ]

“Working together we will make a difference.”

Tampa Bay


Live Leak:

The Huffington Post

(Note: CNN has placed an ad for Valentines Day pajamas before the news clip. There does not appear to be an "opt out" function for the ad.):


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