June 23, 2007

US National Organization on Disability Announces Museum Partnership Awards Program

From press release:

The National Organization on Disability ( http://www.nod.org/ ) has announced the National Partnership Awards program (link to .pdf), a new competition for forty eligible [museums] from across America designed to recognize their work on behalf of people with disabilities. The associations are invited to demonstrate, via the competition, their leadership in supporting local initiatives that benefit people with disabilities.

The competition, which is sponsored by Prudential Financial, Inc.
( http://www.prudential.com/ ), will commemorate the 25th
anniversary of the founding of the National Organization on

The winners of the competition will demonstrate innovative
programs or projects that involve improving access to jobs,
education, religious worship, voting, transportation, housing,
social opportunities, recreation, cultural or sports activities,
or emergency preparedness. The winning programs or projects will
help people with disabilities become full and equal participants
in the life of their community. The competition is designed to
highlight the work of the association's chapters or affiliates
and inspire others to create equally effective programs or

Five winning associations will receive $2,000 each to acknowledge
one of their chapters or affiliates for an outstanding program or
project that showcases how their members help citizens with dis-
abilities participate in and contribute to the economic, social,
and cultural vitality of the community.

The list of eligible associations, program guidelines, and entry
form are available at the NOD Web site.

Deadline: August 31, 2007

RFP Link:

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