March 21, 2007

From C-SUN -- DoCoMo Trumps iPhone with Universally Designed Cell Phones

raku-raku phone

The Aging Track here at C-SUN included a presentation by the team who produced the DoCoMo Raku-Raku universally designed cell phone. This, and several other models such as the dual-screen D800iDS phone, incorporate 60 Universal Design features.

A bit of serendipity - I ran into Chika Sekine, President of UDIT (Universal Design Institute for Information Technology), at lunch for the first time since the Adaptive Environments Conference in Rio de Janeiro. I sat with her at the presentation and had a chance to chat about the DoCoMo project.
Her influence on this breakthrough technology was everywhere apparent. She encouraged consumer constituencies like SeniorNet to agitate for products of this calibre of inclusion n the US phone market.

While today's presentation was not videoed this DoCoMo video weaves a narrative of technology and inclusion that gives the flavor of a business culture capable of such innovation. Note the footage from universally designed Takayama City:

The D800iDS DoCoMo dual-screen cell universally designed cell phone with touch screen:

D800iDS dual-screen cell phone with touch screen controls

A note for soccer buffs:

The D800iDS holds three pre-programmed phone numbers. The demo phone had an interface that was almost entirely in Japanese except for the page with the pre-programmed phone mumbers. First name one the list: "Ronaldinho". I called. Guess he was out.

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