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To a large extent our coverage of cruising and disability has focussed on mobility issues and blindness and occassionally about deafness or dialysis.

I just received this press release from Gwendolyn de Geest of Cruise Respite about a unique, and to all appearances, promising travel product - cruises tailored to those with dementia.

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The Living Dementia Case-Study Approach

- Caregivers Discover What Works and What Doesn’t

Vancouver, BC, (March 6, 2007) - CruiseRespite today announces the release of The Living Dementia Case-Study Approach book.

With insight and clarity, the Living Dementia Case-Study Approach book explores common issues that caregivers face on a daily basis, from memory loss and communication challenges to bathing and wandering issues. Utilizing the 4-T Dementia Care Model, readers will embrace who the person was prior to the diagnosis.

The Living Dementia Case-Study Approach is a philosophy of dementia care to assist both professional and family caregivers to understand the journey. They will discover that there is an invisible “black thread” separating them from the reality of the person with dementia. As the person gives up the burden of their reality, relationships become lighter.

David Troxel, co-author of The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer’s Care, comments that “Family and professional caregivers may be easily overwhelmed. Many of them do not have time to read books from start to finish. Instead, they benefit from quick, easy-to-read chapters that tell a compelling story and then summarize key points. The Living Dementia Case-Study Approach can be used as caregiver resource material to enhance bedside care (or taught in the classroom) so that busy and stressed caregivers can learn at their own pace.”

To order The Living Dementia Approach book, click here.

About the author

Gwendolyn de Geest, RN, BSN, MA is the author of The Living Dementia Case-Study Approach. Gwendolyn has been an educator and front-line caregiver in dementia care for over two decades. She has a passion to enhance the quality of life for seniors, and knowledge of the issues that are important to them.

As a result of witnessing the joys and sorrows of many of these individuals, Gwendolyn was moved to write The Living Dementia Case-Study Approach. This work touches the lives of these individuals in a most intimate manner, allowing both their dignity and humanness to remain intact.

Gwendolyn can be reached at 778-772-7776 or at


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