October 29, 2006

Big Bear Countree

The outdoors present some challenges for travelers with mobility impairments. Darrel Von has a vision for meeting the challenges -- and having a good time! The culmination of his dream is Big Bear Countree in Carlton, Oregon.

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I have retired from the family logging business, married my beautiful, loving wife, Mary and have started my life-long dream of Big Bear Countree, Inc. This company and Website will help provide the means for many to get around in the great outdoors via four track, Argo, trackster, rafts, wave runners, boat, bike, flying and much more. It will allow me to teach and learn from others who strive to make a better and more enjoyable life in this challenging world. Tours, lessons, safety courses, and pooling resources from others will be our main goals for this venture. We look forward to meeting you!

Darrel & Mary

Telephone: 503.852.7926
Fax: 503.852.0152
Mailing Address: 17415 Panther Creek Rd.
Carlton, OR 97111



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