September 12, 2006

Proud to be Proven Wrong

Over at the Rolling Rains photo-sharing site, Travel With a Disability, I jokingly mentioned to photographer Brian, "End of Level Boss," that sightseeing the Great Wall of China was not likely to be a passtime for travelers with disabilities.

I am glad to have been proven wrong by Huang Jianming and this video:

From video caption:

A man who lost his legs in a train accident climbed the Great Wall of China. Huang Jianming had both legs amputated in 1994, after he fell out of a speeding train carriage.

He climbed the Great Wall for two hours by using the sheer strength of his arms, pushing himself up the cobble stoned steps in front of hundreds of bemused tourists. "I lost my legs 12 years ago and what I have been through in the past 12 years is strong proof that when you have confidence and a strong will, you can do wonders," said Huang

The accident totally changed Huang's life. Without legs, his wife deserted him when he lost his livelihood, but he remained determined to live a normal life. "I hope when these tourists see me, a half man, climbing the Great Wall and enjoying being a real man, they will th

ink about themselves. When they are facing difficulties in life in the future, they can be real people too," he said.


Two other ways to see the Great Wall of China:

Airborne at the end of the Jinshinling to Samatai walk


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