July 13, 2006

Vasile Stoica is on the Move!

Vasile Stoica is on his way to somewhere I'd like to visit -- Finisterra, Galicia. the difference is, he's going by land - by wheelchair actually - from his home country of Romania!

Once he gets his site going too you can follow his progress at www.govasigo.ro

Stoica, 36, is the holder of a Guiness Book record for the longest distance in a wheelchair in a day - 128 kilometers. He is also the first to have crossed the U.S. from Los Angeles to Chicago in a wheel chair on the famous Route 66.

Suffering from a congenital paraplegia, Stoica, who was born in a poor family with seven children, underwent thirteen surgical operations before he was seven, but his condition didn't change. "I am a normal person and I have no problem with being in a wheel chair except that there are not many facilities for people like us in Romania like they do in other countries," Stoica said on Friday, adding that one of his goals is to raise people's awareness towards handicapped persons.


Vasile's site:

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