March 27, 2006

Positano, Amalfi, & Ravello

The trio that defines "doing the Amalfi Coast" Positano, Amalfi, and Positano are a challenge by wheelchair!
ravello overlook

In Positano we made it as far down the steep streets to the "Residencia Gioia." It was never clear to me if this was the home of the Gioia who invented the compass and launched Amalfi into worldwide naval history because, sitting at the top of the stairs to the church plaza below, I attracted an energetic team of waiters. They were on the way down the hill past me to their afternoon shift at "Le Tre Sorrelli" Restaurant right on the beach. Needless to say, after a bit of trilingual negotiation (Italian, English, and an improvised hybrid with lavish hand gestures), so was I!

The day was warm and wonderful. It is pre-season for tourists so only one other table was occupied at the restaurant. Of course, one of the two people at that table was from San Jose, California - a graduate of Presentation High School.

Returning was another adventure. Threading the byways of Postitano are small flatbed electric trucks. The waiters flagged one down and we hitched a ride back up to the upper level along with some svelte manequins as yet to be outfitted with this year s latest style -- or maybe clothing optional is this year s latest tstyle here, too early inn the season to tell.

Amalfi allowed our driver, Alfredo, to drive us all the way down to the beach with a drop off in front of a great seafood resaurant in the cove. That left only a short time for a photo of the Gioia statute on the beach and a peek at the stunning enclosed plaza at the foot of the church.

In Ravello disability again had its benefits.

The medeival archway to the town plaza was barricaded to motorized traffic and guarded by the carabineiri. Alfredo got us through and we spent a few afternoon minutes enjoying the picturesque square.

By the way, my bout of Scrooge consciousness passed soon after Alfredo picked us up. He got an acceptable tip for his services. I expect he will use it to visit his finacee. She lives across the town street from us -- Los gatos, Caliofornia.

Piccolo mondo!

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