September 09, 2005

Hurricane Recovery - One Year After Hurricane Ivan

Recent posts at Rolling Rains have focussed on Hurricane Katrina. In the current situation of displacement and destruction it is difficult to imagine a return to normalcy.

However, time and again hope triumphs over disasters and, with attention to planning, reconstruction can bring new opportunities. Below is an update on Grenada one year after Hurricane Ivan.

Tourism Update: Grenada - One Year Later

One year after Hurricane Ivan, Grenada, has experienced remarkable improvements as sustained efforts to rebuild the tourism industry bear fruits. As normalcy returns the following points put Grenada’s present status in relevant context.

Improvements are being made to all aspects of Grenada’s tourism product. Evidence of recovery is therefore visible everywhere. For instance, work continues on the restoration of the Grand Etang Welcome Centre, the Belmont Estate, the Bon Accord facility and the refurbishment of the Leapers Hill attraction. Training for taxi drivers, water taxi operators, ground tour operators, managers and owners of hotels, as well as construction workers has received major priority during the summer months. All of this was structured to ensure that the advent of the new tourist season will take place in an environment overwhelmed with fully trained and highly motivated service providers.

· All of the major festivals were held as scheduled. It means that Carnival, the Carriacou Regatta, Rainbow City festival, the Maroon Music Festival, the Parang Festival, and all of the other events and festivals that make up Grenada’s Calendar of Events were held. The Cricket Classics are therefore carded to take place in the St. Andrew parish during the month of October 2005.
· All of Grenada’s prominent boatyards, marinas, and marine suppliers have reopened. The yachting sector is now verily positioned to properly avail itself to the demands that the new season brings.

  • Electricity is now available to all Grenadian households. A similar situation exists regarding pipe borne water, and telephone services.

  • Currently more than 900 rooms are available for occupancy. This constitutes in excess of 60% of the current room stock of the island. By the end of 2005, another 500 rooms will become available. Among those that will commence operations are the “New” 80-room Coyaba Beach Resort and the 64 “elegantly-appointed rooms” at the Spice Island Beach Resort. Recent months have seen the emergence of the renovated Blue Horizons Garden Resort, and the Rex by Grenadian Resort. Overall, by the end of the current calendar year, 94% of the pre-Hurricane Ivan room stock will be functional.

  • The cruise sub-sector of the industry is being prepared for as work progresses on another important phase of the new cruise ship port and terminal. The inclusion of duty-free shopping facilities and other commercial retail outlets are expected to enhance the experiences that arriving passengers will have in Grenada.

  • With assistance from several donor agencies and governments, there continues to be emphasis on the rebuilding of homes for low-income and other vulnerable households. Resurfacing of key road ways all over the island continues.

  • All of Grenada’s schools, banks, financial institutions, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, and other businesses have reopened and are reporting satisfaction with the pace with which Grenada is recovering.
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  • The diving infrastructure, which was not impacted by the hurricanes, has maintained its quality, and is today a significant ‘pull’ factor as divers are attracted to the island with its more than fifteen (15) dive sites.

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