January 20, 2005

Ed Roberts Postdoctoral Fellowship in Disability Studies

This week the Call for Applications went out for UC Berekely's Ed Roberts Postdoctoral Fellowship in Disability Studies

Complete informationn is below.

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS -- Due: March 4. 2005

Professors Susan Schweik and Fred Collignon (Co-Directors)
Fellowship Period: September 2005- May 2006

We are pleased to announce open applications for our postdoctoral program
funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
(H133P020009). The goal of this program is to train postdoctoral and
professional scholars, in any discipline, to be leaders in disability
studies and rehabilitation research and mentorship. Based at the
University of California, Berkeley, a San Francisco Bay Area Consortium of
universities, research institutes, and disability agencies will recruit
people with advanced professional degrees who want to broaden their
theoretical outlook and their disability research methodological skills.
We will fund three full-time, nine-month, residential Ed Roberts
Postdoctoral Fellowships a year. The Stipend is $30,000, paid monthly.
Fellows must have health insurance or purchase it from the university.


(1) Research Mentorship and Seminar: We will work to match each Fellow
with a faculty Mentor, and each Fellow will also participate as a Mentor
for a matched undergraduate or graduate disability studies student Mentee.
In addition to a bi-monthly San Francisco Bay-area-wide Colloquium,
Fellows will attend a structured, weekly seminar in which Fellows will
each present twice.

(2) Classroom Training: Fellows will also attend at least one class,
either in the fall or spring semester, chosen from among the offerings of
the Consortium partners. Each Fellow will also have the opportunity to
take part in teaching at Berkeley by delivering guest lectures and
participating in other special events in the DiSC curriculum.

(3) Research Internship: Fellows will complete a structured Research
Internship (approximately 20% time for one semester) with one of a group
of agencies forming the “Ed Roberts Campus” or other local organizations
focused on disability or related issues. Each Fellow will work directly
with staff on ongoing agency projects.

(4) Independent Research: Fellows will also conduct their own
research, appropriate to their discipline, with an emphasis on using new
skills. We will assist Fellows in identifying funding to pursue disability
studies and rehabilitation research and publication opportunities after
the conclusion of the Fellowship.

(5) Dissemination: Our Dissemination Project includes peer reviewed
and collaborative publication, professional presentations, and
dissemination to the disability community, to practitioners, and to policy


Eligibility: All requirements for a Ph.D., MD, JD, or equivalent degree
complete by 9/1/05. There are no restrictions on discipline, age,
citizenship, or years since final degree. However, we have a strong
preference for people who are within 5 years of their degree or who are
new to disability studies.

Review Schedule: Please notify us by email as soon as possible that you
intend to apply and then submit a full application in hard copy and by
email on or before March 4, 2005.

Application Structure

(1) Cover Letter: Prepare a letter with your full contact information
including where we can reach you March 2005 on for a possible interview.

(2) Curriculum Vitae: Current please.

(3) References: Include names and full contact information for 2
references including their email and where and how we can reach them by
telephone in February-March 2005.

(4) A Written Fellowship Plan: Approximately five pages double-spaced. The Plan should address each of the five Program Components described above. Please include:

  • Research Mentorship and Seminar: We encourage you to think about the knowledge and skills you would like in a Mentor and to explore
    possible fit with UCB faculty. Also please address the types of students
    with whom you would like to form a Mentorship relationship. Applicants
    should initiate contact with potential Mentors during the application
    process. Contact our Academic Coordinator for more information or help
    identifying potential Mentors (Devva@earthlink.net).

  • Classroom Training: What types of classes would you like to attend
    and what kinds of lecturing or teaching experience would you like to have?
    We suggest you browse the Berkeley class schedules
  • Research Internship: At what type of agency would you like an
    Internship? We encourage you to explore the many specific agencies in the
    area, most of which have a web presence.
  • Independent Research: Describe in detail your independent research
    project including your problem, thesis, or theoretical statement, research
    methods, analytical methods, and other details appropriate to your discipline.
  • Dissemination: Describe your publication or other product plan
    including articles, books, presentations, production projects, or other
    dissemination products appropriate to your disciple and research goals.
  • (5) Writing Sample: An article length sample of your best work. Choose
    something that demonstrates your theoretical, methodological, and/or
    analytical approach.

    Please be as specific as possible and emphasize your Independent Research.
    We encourage you to look at the Ed Roberts and Disability Studies at CAL,
    the University of California, Berkeley, and other Bay Area schools’ and
    disability related organizations’ websites. We are happy to correspond
    with you by email (devva@earthlink.net) about these issues prior to your
    application submission.

    Please submit all materials in hard copy by mail and in electronic format
    on a disk by mail or by email attachment to Devva Kasnitz at
    devva@earthlink.net and drdevva@aol.com and 316 Wurster Hall #1870 - University of California, Berkeley - Berkeley CA 94720-1870

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