October 09, 2004

Peter Rice @ The Access Management Group, Australia

I would like to bring to your attention the language developed by Peter Rice (Access Management Group, Toowoomba, Australia) which I will be adopting and promoting.

Peter established the formula "Universal Management = Universal Design + Universal Service" in a 2003 report, "Universal Management: A Proposal to Change the Direction of Accessibilty Management in the Australian Tourism Industry to Create Benefits for All Australians and Visitors to Australia." (http://www.coss.net.au/library/11342.html).

I believe that further developing the concept Universal Management, especially specifying the component Universal Service, holds great potential. x

To that end I recommend the work of Sally Anne Wise ("All Things Being Equal"), an instructor at TAFE in Hobart, Tasmania. We are working to make her work available through the Travel section and as a course at Suite University at Suite101.com. The Rolling Rains Report will feature an announcement when that has been accomplished.

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