September 19, 2004

NICAN 2004: Day 1 - Morning

Outside my view window the Indian Ocean sparkles in turquoise-to-saphire blues. No wonder this city has the highest per capita boat ownership rate in the world.

I expected palm trees along the beach here-- but by now I've learned to expect the unexpected in foliage here. Instead there is the largest collection of Norfolk Pines I have ever seen gracefully bobbing in the nearly continuous breezes.

I am told that the air blows off the heated desert and out to sea only to reverse itself and blow back inland. It's a sailboard paradise as I remember learning in the extreme sports flick "Upsidedown Downunder."

Soon I will be in information overload shock but as of this morning the excitement is envigorating. (It's also distracting me from adding the finishing touches to my keynote!)

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