September 10, 2004

Rick Steve's New Book is Out and Making News

Rick Steve's Easy Access Europe is finally out and making a splash. Read this story form Inclusion Daily News.

"Wheeling and Dealing With Europe"
September 9, 2004

EUROPE--The following three paragraphs are excerpts from an article by European travel expert Rick Steves published recently on

The creaky, cobblestoned Old World has long had a reputation for poor accessibility.

But in recent years, Europe has been making impressive strides towards opening its doors to everybody including travelers with limited mobility, whether they are slow walkers or wheelchair users.

My latest book, Rick Steves' Easy Access Europe , was written for just those travelers, with a focus on London, Paris, Bruges, Amsterdam, and the Rhine (co-authored with Dr. Ken Plattner and available in travel bookstores now). Here are some tips we've gathered for folks with limited mobility and adventurous spirits.

Entire article:
"Wheeling and Dealing With Europe; Getting Around if Your Disabled" by Rick Steves (
"Easy Access Europe" by Rick Steves and Dr. Ken Plattner

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