July 01, 2004

Inclusive Travel Conference - Australia

Registration materials are being circulated for the 5th National NICAN Conference on travel and disability in Perth, Australia. Scott Rains will speak the morning of the final day of the conference - September 22 at 9:15.


From the registration notice:


In the fast paced and highly competitive world of tourism,
understanding, developing and managing niche markets
is essential to your business to put you ahead of the rest.

Commencing 19th September, over 200 people from the Australian tourism and disability sectors will be meeting at Rendezvous Observation City, Perth WA, to discuss the relationships between tourism and the disability sector, and to explore how to tap into this highly profitable and yet largely untapped market.

With over 19% of Australia’s population having some form of disability,
can you afford not to tap into this market?

REGISTER NOW FOR: Trade Exhibition booths and Delegate Registration

For more information visit www.nican.com.au

or contact the coordinators:

Anne Oliver ph: (08) 9494 2972 email: olive@iinet.net.au
Victoria Wardlaw ph: (08) 9284 4220 email: victoriawardlaw@optusnet.com.au


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