March 04, 2004

Why "Curb Cut Learning"?

The blog Curb Cut Learning is a singular voice in the blogosphere. Begun in 2003 the site takes a barrier-free design approach to distance learning. While not dealing with travel, Curb Cut Learning introduces resources that may prove useful to those who could integrate them into a universal design approach to travel and hospitality.

From the Curb Cut Learnig blog:

It took me awhile to decide if I really wanted to started a blog. In the past year I've seen many become copmletely useless and wanted to make sure I was ready to jump in with both feet. Two things helped me to decide: 1) this will help me to more systematically review and archive resources that I come across and 2) as far as I know, there isn't anyone else who has specifically tackled accessible distance education in the blogosphere. So if you're here, hopefully you can find something useful.

Why Curb Cut Learning? You have likely heard of the curb cut principle- the idea that while curb cuts were originally intended for persons who use wheelchairs they are also convenient for a number of other sidewalk uses such as strollers, bicycles, grocery carts, and luggage. While you can always go back and retrofit your instruction so that it is universally accessible, it is usually easier to do so from the get go.


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