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Philosophy behind "THISability for Peace"

It's been a long time that I've been fostering the idea of launching an international group on Facebook to promote global peace through disability concept. However, I had my own reasons to procrastinate it, mostly because I am pretty busy with my Iranian group of Disability Rights Advocates, as well as my personal and academic activities. While I avoided getting involved in a new time-consuming project, I was finally overcome by my constant temptation. Therefore, after I finished making the logo for THISability for Peace, I did not hesitate to upload my new project on Facebook.

I'm not sure if I'm the first person to make such a language-game with the word "disability" to emphasize on "This ability", yet I am sure that the idea sparkled in my mind in a cold day of the past winter when my husband and I were sitting in our insurance agent's office and I felt bored of their business talking. Doodling aimlessly on a piece of paper, the idea of "This-ability" instead of "disability" sparked my mind, and I knew that I was going to do something different.

I have no idea where my new project will take me; I can only say that I have a very good feeling about it. To knowing that my posts on Iranian successful individuals with disability have been visited hundreds of times by our unseen followers from different countries gives me such a sheer joy which I consider as my ultimate reward in this non-profitable activity. Iran, a developing country in the Middle East, has mostly been absent in the global literature of disability. To fill this gap a bit, is my other goal in setting up the new page.

Nowadays that the politics as well as the individual's and group's beliefs have proved to have mostly belligerent applications, I believe, concentrating on our common features is vital for preserving and/or retrieving the global peace. In my opinion, only our commonalities are able to shorten our distances, eliminate our misunderstandings, bring our hearts closer, and finally dismantle our feuds and wars. I think that every single human-being on our planet has a responsibility towards the global peace. One might ask pessimistically: So what? What would you be able to do in this vast world full of rages and resentments? Then, I would say: no matter if I could change anything or not, I do whatever I can do.

I see life as a bicycle which I have to get on and move. I have to paddle regardless of how many times I would fall off, how many wounds I would get, or even if I can make it to destination. I do not care about the ends. The roads are more important than destinations, I do believe. "THISability to Peace" is a long road to me in which I have to keep on pedaling consistently and relentlessly.

Join us and support THISability for Peace!

Negin Hosseini-Goodrich

Journalist, Writer, Disability Activist

PhD student, Purdue University

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