Multiple Perspectives On Access Inclusion & Disability

Multiple Perspectives On Access Inclusion & Disability


April 16 - 17, 2013



Proposals for concurrent sessions at this year's Multiple Perspective's conference are due January 6th  16th Student PostersMarch 12th .  Submit a proposal and join our featured speakers



This year's theme focuses presenters on the frictions, synergies and synthesis that occur at the boundaries of multiple  roles, identities and perspectives within individuals and between them.  Some possibilities to consider:

·        Exploration the overlapping and often at odds influences of models of disability; 

·        Universal Design, independence and identity;

·        How disability influences gender,  ethnic and racial identities or how they influence disability identity development;

·        Representations of disability in art, literature, media and science.

·        Variations in privilege and oppression across identities and roles;

·         Locating disability: person, place or attitude.

·        Trends in law, education, business, public policy, ...


Preference will be given to presentations that encourage conversations across the typical boundaries (care and independence, education and employment, research and practice, business and government, rights and charity ...) or focus broadly on difference by incorporating parallels and contrasts with race, gender and ethnicity.  


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The Multiple Perspectives Conference is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation Endowment Fund and ongoing support from The Ohio State University's Office of Diversity and Inclusion.




Harilyn Rousso: The Ethel Louise Armstrong Lecture On Disability Art & Culture -  "Don't Call Me Inspirational"

Disability activist, feminist, psycho-therapist, writer, and painter. President of Disabilities Unlimited Consulting Services, founder of the Networking Project for Disabled Women and Girls, coeditor of Double Jeopardy: Addressing Gender Equity in Special Education and author of Disabled, Female and Proud! and soon to be released  Don't Call Me Inspirational: A Disabled Feminist Talks BackHer book and her session confronts body image, sexuality, bias, discrimination, and condescension from a personal perspective.



Laura Rothstein: The Ken Campbell Lecture on Disability Policy  "Section 504 at Forty: An Overview of the History of Disability Discrimination Issues for Higher Education"

Professor and Distinguished University Scholar, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville takes note that September 26, 2013, marks the 40th Anniversary of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act which required that programs receiving federal financial assistance not discriminate on the basis of "handicap" (in the language of the day).  The enormous impact of this law (and later the Americans with Disabilities Act) on higher education was not foreseen in 1973 however, disability issues on campus have evolved.  The challenges and complexities of technology, shrinking resources, increasing mental health concerns, and other issues make it critical for our community to embrace not only the letter but the spirit of disability rights law.



Dr. Kim Nielsen: "Disability History of the United States"

Professor of Disability Studies at the University of Toledo who spent more than five years chronicling American history from before  the European arrival to the present.  Like her most recent book, A Disability History of the United States, her presentation  illustrates how concepts of disability have shaped the American experience in relation to immigration, establishing labor laws and justifying slavery and gender discrimination. Her work includes powerful stories spanning narratives of women being involuntarily sterilized to accounts of veterans returning with disabilities securing civil rights.




Hosted by: 
The Ohio State University and located at the Blackwell Hotel and Conference Center on the Columbus Campus

"As social movements mature, they begin to look beyond the 'letter of the law', which emphasizes ethics and values, and promulgate systemic changes in attitudes, behaviors and institutional structures."  - Leslie Kanes Weisman

What is "Multiple Perspectives"?

As a modern land grant university Ohio State University's mission includes serving the community.  Since 2001 The Ohio State University's ADA Coordinator's Office has hosted Multiple Perspectives On Access Inclusion & Disability.  The conference offers a unique opportunity for professionals, scholars and advocates to discuss the full spectrum of disability issues and experiences.  The annual gathering provides a forum for individuals and organizations to share their knowledge; broaden their perspectives; and increase community resources through the synergy of collaboration

"I was able to attend last year's Multiple Perspectives Conference and thought that the content and quality was absolutely excellent."

Each year Multiple Perspectives strives to present a program that can serve as a catalyst for change; providing a springboard for collaborations among individuals with and without disabilities working in education, business, government and non-profits.  The Conference's presenters have included faculty, entrepreneurs, authors, artists and advocates as well as representatives from The U.S. Access Board, The EEOC, The Ohio Civil Rights Commission, The American Institute of Architects, The U.S. Department of Education, and The Department of Justice. 
"I walked away from each session knowing far more than when I entered; I left each session invigorated; and, I left each session tingling with the excitement of being in an environment where I can relate intellectually and experientially with others."  


The Audience At-A-Glance

250 to 300 participants

74% are Ohio residents
71% of the participants influence or make purchasing decisions about accessible products & services
69% of the participants have a disability
20% are officials from Federal, State, County or City government
18% are college and public school faculty 
15% represent private business
13% represent disability rights advocacy groups
13% are college service providers
11% are students 
08% are architects
07% sit on State, County or Municipal boards representing people with disabilities.


Join Our Partners

Hosted by The Ohio State University's ADA Coordinator's Office, the conference is made possible with collaboration and support from organizations as diverse as the participants. Funding for the Ethel Louise Armstrong Student Poster Competition, Ethel Louise Armstrong Memorial Lecture, and various other portions of the conference is generously provided by the Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation Endowment Fund. Past supporters of the conference include:

Ability Magazine


American Bar Association

American Institute of Architects

Association on Higher Education And Disability

City Of Columbus

Columbus Advisory Committee On Disability Issues

Disability Studies Quarterly

Great Lakes Disability Business Technical Assistance Center

Ohio ADA Coordinator's Network

Ohio Governor's Council On People With Disabilities

Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission

The Ohio State University

·         Wexner Medical Center

·         Wexner Center for the Arts

·         John Glenn School for Public Affairs

·         Knowlton School of Architecture

·         Moritz College of Law

·         College of Humanities

·         ADA Coordinator's Office

·         Office of Diversity And Inclusion

·         ASL Program

·         Disability Studies Program

·         Digital Union

·         Multicultural Center

·         Office For Disability Services

·         Web Accessibility Center


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