Creating Universal Design products

This is pure marketing from their site but OMRON Group won the awards so let's celebrate their adoption of Universal Design:

Aiming for products that are easy to use for more people

One of OMRON's Management Commitments is "maximum customer satisfaction." To the end, OMRON is dedicated to providing a stable supply of safe, high-quality products by maintaining its commitment to quality assurance.

As part of its drive to maximize customer satisfaction, OMRON is committed to promoting universal design to make products easier to use for a broad range of people.

To this end, the top priority in the development process is understanding users. By detecting the gap between users' requirements for a product or service and the difficulties they actually experience with the product or service, OMRON tries to reflect the findings in the next development or improvement.

OMRON encourages personnel to participate in the process of observing users, whether their position is planning, development, sales, design or others. All share and work toward the common goal of developing truly easy-to-use products and services.

Creating Universal Design products


A typical example of the OMRON Group's universal design products is the MC-670 electronic thermometer from OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd. Its large, flat probe tip fits securely under the arm and can be kept tightly in place. The large LCD provides easy reading for anyone, from small children to the elderly.

The HEM-1020 digital blood pressure monitor features an improved design to make it easy to take a reading from the right arm as well as the left arm. The armrest supports easy measurement for anyone, including those with weak arms.

These two products won Germany's Universal Design Awards. Hosted by the Universal Design Association, the Universal Design Awards are a "one and only" international prize to recognize universal design, by evaluating fairness, flexibility, safety, ease of use, and cost of products.

In fiscal 2012 as well, the NE-C801S nebulizer received the Universal Design Award, making OMRON Healthcare a recipient for the fifth successive year since fiscal 2008. OMRON Healthcare will continue emphasizing usability and accuracy in the development of products, maintaining the perspective of users.


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