A Fantasy Trip to the Land of "Be"

Here's the pitch:

The Access Customer 
Who are we talking about?

Access customers are the largest untapped market in the world. 
They make up 20% of our population - nearly 1 billion people on the planet. Yet for this group, accessing your business can be challenging. 
 Did you know... 750,000 kiwis could benefit from better access right now. 44% of all Kiwis are over 45 years of age. 20% of Kiwis report a disability. In Australia, 25% of the population are 45 and older - that includes 5.3 million baby-boomers who own 50% of all net household wealth. In the USA, 70 million are over 45 and own 77% of all financial assets. 
 Access customers may be... 
  •  Someone with a visual or hearing impairment
  • A person in a wheelchair
  • A person with a learning disability
  • A parent pushing a stroller
  • An older person (the baby-boomer) 
 Access customers are either born with a disability or they may acquire a disability (temporarily or permanent) at some point in their lifetime. It is also worth nothing that as we all age, our access needs increase. In order to capture the spending power of this growing group of customers, it's important that we make it easier for them to get into, enjoy and connect with our businesses.
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A Fantasy Trip to the Land of "Be"
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