An Opportunity for Australians


Add  your support to the campaign for a $20 million investment to implement the National Arts and Disability Strategy with an additional $4 million to support Creative Ageing. 
In October 2009 the Cultural Ministers Council launched the National Arts and Disability Strategywhich describes the actions necessary to increase the low level of cultural participation by the 20% of Australians with a disability identified by the Australia Council and Cultural Ministers Council. A significant investment of new money is an essential part of making the National Arts and Disability Strategy a success by directly addressing the barriers to participation. The investment will also compliment other successful activities like the Australia Council's Disability Action Plan.
Creative Ageing is an additional area of rapidly growing interest for artists, older people and aged care services though a gap in arts policy since the Australia Council's 1995 report Older Australians and the Arts. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2003 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (SDAC) found 3.35 million people are aged 60 years and over including 51%, or 1.7 million people, who reported they have a disability. Older Australians also have significantlylower levels of cultural participation than the overall population.
In response, Arts Access Australia has developed a proposal to establish a National Centre for Creative Ageing that would promote, support and pilot creative ageing activities and programs for:
* Older people living in Australia's 3,000 residential care settings
* Older people living independently in the community
* Ageing people with disability
There is existing evidence that involving older Australians in creative activities will have an impact on improving social, mental and physical health while also supporting the right to participate and achieve in the arts.
Arts and Disability - $20 million over four years:
·      A dedicated funding program for artists with disability - $8 million
·      Dedicated funding for organisations to improve their accessibility, increase audiences of people with    
       disability and create new work - $8 million
·      Strategic support for practical guides and resources, training, partnership development and public awareness
        - $4 million
Creative Ageing - $4 million over four years:
·      Establish a National Centre for Creative Ageing -$1 million
·      Dedicated funding for Creative Ageing projects and programs run by individual artists and organisations
        -  $3 million
Tell your story, why access issues are important to you and ask the Government for support.
1) Contact the Federal Arts Minister directly by phone, email or in writing to express your personal or
     organisational views and support for a $24 million investment in Arts, Disability and Creative Ageing.
The Hon Simon Crean MP
Minister for the Arts
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Tel: (02) 6277 7380
Fax: (02) 6273 4117
2) Download and send the attached epostcard 
3) Download, adapt, post and email the attached sample Arts, Disability and Creative Ageing letter 
In developing this proposal for $24 million in funding Arts Access Australia is listening to the many voices of people with disability and older Australians expressed through:
The National Arts and Disability Strategy consultation process.
In July 2010, over 90 % of 812 of respondents to an Arts Access Australia survey agreed or strongly agreed that there is a need for:
·     Dedicated funding for arts and disability in addition to increasing access to all funding programs
·     Increased arts career pathways from education, mentoring and arts residencies to tertiary training and employment
·     Improved physical and service (ticketing, captioning etc) access to arts and cultural venues
·     A national arts and disability portal and government and non-government working group to inform policy and
·     Government leadership on access by requiring and supporting application of the Disability Discrimination Act
·     Increased research and data on arts and disability
The 733 respondents who identified their residential postcode were from: NT 15, NSW 205, ACT 23, VIC 270, QLD 54, SA 55, WA 60, TAS 51. 40% of respondents identified as having a disability, being deaf or living with a mental health issue.
In 2009 the Victorian Government released Picture This, a consultation and research report into cultural participation by people with disability in Victoria. Read about Arts Access Victoria's State-wide campaignhere
Accessible Arts NSW have published the 'Speak Up: Arts & Disability Priorities for NSW' report, the result of a three-year consultation project with arts and disability stakeholders across NSW.
In West Australia the Disability Services Commission and Department of Culture and the Arts consulted, collaborated and have evaluated their Disability Arts Inclusion Initiative
Arts ACT are going through a consultation and review process while ArtsAbility ACT have established theGenerate Canberra arts access network and website as a way of networking and supporting individual artists.
In 2010, the Tasmanian Government has announced $1.25 million in funding to implement the National Arts and Disability Strategy and is consulting with the arts and disability sector about priorities.
Arts Access Australia members Access Arts QLD,Arts Access Central Australia and Arts Access Darwinregularly evaluate their work and consult with local artists and organisations. This research informs our work nationally.
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