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  1. Who was the first PwD to lead an expedition to the South Pole?
  2. Who was the first PwD to lead an expedition to the North Pole?
  3. Who is the PwD leading an campaign to educate business in the UK on the consumer potential of PwD?


It's the same name for all three questions.

Although it does not take the final step to clearly articulating inclusion - rather than simple accessibility - as the final goal this presentation by Michael McGrath makes one of the most lucid and concise arguments on the business case for inclusion in the context of the UK that I have seen.

Strongly hinting at inclusion, and the contribution of disability culture to business culture that is Universal Design, McGrath observes, "I believe that the business case must be closely aligned to the organization's purpose, values, and culture" and that compliance can "add greater brand and stakeholder equity as well as revenue to your bottom line."

The numbers are compelling. The legal mandate is strong. Those who heed Michael McGrath will find themselves ahead of both the business recovery wave and demographic trends.

From the presentation description:

Profiting from compliance
(Feature Article M&IT Oct/Nov) - Author: Michael McGrath © 2009
Turn legal compliance into business benefit

 -£91bn is the estimated annual spending power of disabled people in the UK today.

Next year, approximately 40% of the UK population will be over 45yrs of age, the age at which the incidence of disability increases exponentially.

If your business is not profiting from difference, you can be sure one or more of your competitors is. If your organisation is serious about leveraging its brand in appealing to this demographic group or your business wants to drive additional revenue by exploiting the disability business case, my business comprises a team of highly experienced consultants with outstanding global credentials and in-depth knowledge.

- for more information email: enquiries@michaelmcgrath.co.uk or visit michaelmcgrath.co.uk

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