Web 2.0 and Nursery Rhymes


With apologies to Rolling Rains readers in Malaysia, Turkey, Costa Rica, Argentina, and other non-English speaking countries like Australia, here is a "geek vocabulary test". If you understand this poem without clicking on the links you speak "Web 2.0"

Now, Web 2.0 is the name given to a wave of current generation interactive web tools that may or may not yet be universally designed. Fortunately, many Web 2.0 developers are very aware of UD and inclusive usability. Maybe there is something in this literary tour of the web that may be helpful to you as a traveler.

When Squidoo got a blog in his throat*

Deep in the Xanga jungle

Lived the terrible Squidoo

With Google eyes

And yedda breath

He yelped his fierce “Yahoo!”

All jungle animals feared him

They did trumba when he was near

Even the Diigo Dog

And zippy Zooomr

Were careful to stay clear

No one knew why they feared him

What the skype was all about

But Congoos and Kikos

All knew to run

His strength they did not doubt

One night everything changed

Under the Flickr of the Xanga moon

The fearsome Squidoo

Swallowed a blog

And didn’t know what to do

He tried to yelp “Yahoo!”

And when up came “lulu”

The mighty king of Xanga

Was te-riya-fied

And cried “boo-hoo”

All the creatures flocked to see

The stricken Squidoo

Who sat on his pod

Looking downright down-cast

Yelpless without a “Yahoo!”

He begged for help from the wise Odeo owl

And the clever Firefox too

But they howled and laughed

To see scary Squidoo

Nervous as a naked Renkoo

Then kind old Friendster

Took pity on poor Squidoo

With a pat on the back

Down went the blog

And up came a goowy Yahoo!

“del.icio.us” said Squidoo

To Friendster with a smile

And ate him up too

Leaving nothing at all

Not one tiny Zoto, not even a pile

Then the creatures grew angry

Every last one

After Squidoo ate Friendster

This time…

They did not run

Chasing Squidoo out of Xanga

And into a deep eBay

The terrible beast

Would never return

Even meebo was now free to play

Yes thanks to the blog

And Friendster’s brave sacrifice

Xangans live without fear

Sharing all space as myspace

Happy, wired, and nice

Moral: Yahoos sometimes rule the jungle, so best to know who your Friendsters are in case you need them…

*Note: no silly Web 2.0 names were harmed in the making of this story, but a gaggle of Silicon Valley lawyers became noticeably irritated in the process.

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