Foucault and the Government of Disability

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The University of Michigan Press is about to release a new book of essays on Foucault and disability.

It is available at

Foucault and the Government of Disability

Edited by Shelley Tremain
Foreword by Ladelle McWhorter

February 2005, 360 pages
paperback ISBN 0-472-06876-8

Foucault and the Government of Disability is the first collection of essays to consider the relevance of Foucault to the phenomenon of disability, and the significance of disability studies to understanding and interpreting Foucault. This provocative international collection is a response to Foucault's call to question what is regarded as natural, inevitable, ethical, and liberating; hence contributors draw on Foucault to scrutinize a range of widely endorsed practices and ideas surrounding disability, including rehabilitation, community care, impairment, normality and abnormality, inclusion, prevention, accommodation, and special education.

The book presents a broad spectrum of approaches, disciplines, and perspectives, making this an important and distinctive addition to the burgeoning fields of disability studies and Foucault studies.

Shelley Tremain teaches in the Philosophy Department of the University of Toronto at Mississauga.

"A serious step forward not only for disability studies but for the range of theoretical positions associated with Foucault. Foucault and the Government of Disability will provide for years to come a basis for rethinking Foucault's impact on social theory as well as a foundation for active political struggle against the oppression of people with disabilities." -Tobin Siebers, University of Michigan

"Testimony to the enduring power of Foucault's work to stimulate new ways of thinking about and resisting the pernicious effects of normalization within modern societies. . . . Critically engaging Foucault as well as received interpretations of his work, this collection is intended for readers of Foucault as well as critical disability theorists. It delivers on its promise to stimulate us to think differently about both disability and Foucault."
-Jana Sawicki, Williams College

Series: Corporealities: Discourses of Disability


Foreword by Ladelle McWhorter

Shelley Tremain
Foucault, Governmentality, and Critical Disability Theory: An Introduction

I. Epistemologies and Ontologies

Martin Sullivan
Subjected Bodies: Paraplegia, Rehabilitation, and the Politics of Movement

Nirmala Erevelles
Signs of Reason: Rivière, Facilitated Communication, and the Crisis of the

Scott Yates
Truth, Power, and Ethics in Care Services for People with Learning

Bill Hughes
What Can A Foucauldian Analysis Contribute to Disability Theory?

Barry Allen
Foucault's Nominalism

Fiona Kumari Campbell
Legislating Disability: Negative Ontologies and the Government of Legal

II. Histories

Licia Carlson
Docile Bodies, Docile Minds: Foucauldian Reflections on Mental Retardation

Jane Berger
Uncommon Schools: Institutionalizing Deafness in Early Nineteenth-Century

Diana Snigurowicz
The Phénomène's Dilemma: Teratology and the Policing of Human Anomalies in
Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Paris

III. Governmentalities

Anne Waldschmidt
Who is Normal? Who is Deviant? "Normality" and "Risk" in Genetic
Diagnostics and Counseling

Maarten Simons and Jan Masschelein
Inclusive Education for Exclusive Pupils: A Critical Analysis of the
Government of the Exceptional

Chris Drinkwater
Supported Living and the Production of Individuals

Carolyn Anne Anderson
Real and Ideal Spaces of Disability in American Stadiums and Arenas

Gerard Goggin and Christopher Newell
Foucault on the Phone: Disability and the Mobility of Government

IV. Ethics and Politics

Julie Allan
Inclusion as an Ethical Project

Kathryn Pauly Morgan
Gender Police


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