How To Save Money On Traveling

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Do not think that a reasonable economy is always a limitation. Organizing an interesting, eventful, and unforgettable trip that will give a lot of positive emotions, even with a limited budget, is not so difficult.

It is important to remember that you can save on everything except your own safety. Always take out at least the cheapest insurance. If you travel abroad for sports, be sure to take out sports insurance. Only it gives the right to receive free medical care in case of injury.

At the stage of planning a trip, it is important to draw up a travel budget in detail. This will help you understand how to properly distribute your expenses - what to include in the trip and what you can refuse.

Travel Date Planning And Ticket Purchase

  • Choose the right day and time. The most profitable days for flights are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Airfare with a late departure is usually cheaper.

  • Benefit during the low season. If the purpose of the trip is only excursions and sightseeing, then you should avoid traveling during the high season and holidays. In most European cities, prices are very high between May and September but decrease from October.

  • Book flights in advance. Subscribe to airline mailing lists to monitor special offers and promotions. If the return date is known in advance, buying a two-way ticket is better. Many airlines have bonus programs - you can accumulate miles using co-branded cards and receive free flights in the future.

  • Take a minimum of luggage with you. The cost of air tickets most often includes only hand luggage, and you will have to pay extra for luggage separately.

  • Get visas on your own - information on the correct execution of documents can be easily found on the websites of embassies.

  • Transfers are often more expensive than public transport or taxis, which you can find yourself.

Choice Of Accommodation And Meals

  • Staying in big cities is much more profitable than staying in small settlements.

  • Rent a room in hostel, especially if you are planning a solo trip for several days.

  • Book at the last minute. For intrepid travelers, there is the option of renting accommodation at half price if you rent it on some sites a day or a few hours before arrival.

  • Stay at campsites during the warmer months if you are traveling in your own vehicle.

  • Night transfers will allow you to spend the night in transport and not pay for the hotel. This is especially true for those who want to visit several cities or countries in one trip. This is a good option for cities where accommodation is very expensive. If your target is Asian countries (Vietnam, India, Thailand, Philippines), then there are buses - slippers. They provide soft shelves for the night. In some countries, slippers even have free Wi-Fi.

  • Stay at hotels with breakfast included. Visit not only restaurants for tourists, where prices are especially high but also ordinary cafes. Give preference to seasonal dishes from traditional cuisine. Find markets for the locals, where prices are without markups for tourists.

  • Use the hospitality services Couchsurfing and Hospitalityclub - there you can find free accommodation with local residents and at the same time make friends with them.

  • Rent a house with a kitchen so you can cook for yourself. You can also save on food if you go to business lunches.

  • Choose accommodation as close as possible to the part of the city where you are going to spend a lot of time.

  • Take advantage of discounts. Groupon is famous in America, Europe, and major cities in Asia.

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