May 2015 Archives

In spite of our best efforts here my friends we do not seem to be convincing the world that I  no longer have the health  to work in this field. I pass that responsibility to colleagues who- have been trained.

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In the meantime I post announcements of important events that I have already responded to.

EVENT 1: Dear Mr. Rains,

The ONCE Foundation works since its inception to contribute to the full social inclusion of people with disabilities, giving effect to the principle of equal opportunities and non- discrimination.

Within this context, the ONCE Foundation has decided to organize the V International Congress on Tourism for All, in collaboration with the UNWTO and the European Network for Accessible Tourism, and the VI International Congress of Design, Technology and Research Networks for All in order to join forces and leverage the synergies that can be generated from both Congresses, from 23 to 25 September 2015.

The V International Congress on Tourism for All has as its central focus New Technologies and Tourism for all, Solutions and Technology Applications in Tourism for All.

We contact you as we consider you an expert in tourism and accessibility. We would like to ask you for your collaboration forming part of the Scientific Committee of this Congress.

EVENT 2: Dear Scottt,

[I have been invited] to study the travel barriers and facilitators for people with SCI. It's a 2 year project and I am forming an Advisory Board to monitor the progress of the study. Would you be interested in serving on the Advisory Board? I'll be honored to have you as one of the board members based on your expertise and travel experiences.

EVENT 3: Dear Scott

[The]  "Disabled Persons Federation of Chengdu City" that they would like to host "The 1st National Accessible Tourism Development Forum" [edited by Scott] on 13th, May during the National Disabled Day in Chengdu...

Also since that the host organizaed  the accessible tourism to "Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area" for over 300 PWDs last year in 2014...They are going to organize on 14th~16th, May right after the Forum. Please note that the host would like to invite [you as the] speaker who is from United States.

Note: I have responded to each of the above and assigned my substitutes. Do not contact the organizers. I post these events with dates so that you are aware of the quality of attention now being given to Inclusive Tourism as a result of our 10 years of work together. Keep your momentum up for the next 10.