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SFO > Singapore (with a surprise stop)

Well, it wasn't a surprise to the crew or to those who planned to get off at Incheon Airport in Seoul, Sputh Korea. And I guess there was something of a clues in the fact that the flight announcements at SFO we being made in English and Korean. Anyway, nothing on my ticket said, "Thirteen hours to South Korean, hang our, get patted down by security, then 6 more hours to Singapore.

Fortunately, I was in the very last seat of the very last row (56 K). The downside being that the seat back was upright aginst the wall so could not recline. Th upside was that apparrently nnoboddy ele wanted to sit there either  so I quickly got horizontal annd slept off as many hours as possible!

Impressions s I looked around the cabin. There were three of us who were identifiably non-Asian. All three were grey-haired males bout double the median age of 30-something among the rest of thhe passengers. On the descent into Singapore I overheard some cute snippets of conversation from the young family, "Dada, I can't hear my ears anymore!" and a little later as the angle of descent increased, "Mommie, we're sinking!"

Service on Singapore airlines was very attentive. Clearly the cabin crew that I interacted with were well-trained in working with passengers in wheelchairs. The aisle chair for deboarding here in Singapore was substandard. New but too small,lacking legs straps and adequate brakes. I made the transfer with no injuries but not everyone will.

Safely on the ground the first person I saw waiting at the gate was wearing the yellow and green of team Brazil. Nod and a wink. Now I have 7 hours to pass in a Special Services lounge that has a fun-looking indoor playground for kids with plenty of comfy chairs and internet access for the adults. That opens onto a food court. Beyond that is Miracle Mile of the typical chic and duty free shops.

But already met  the wonderful young group of Indonesians returning home from a US Department of State exchange program in the picture above.

Nepal tonight for the evening lights at the Buddha stupa.

Playing in the background as Musak with fst ukelele (cavaquinho): "E pao, e pedra, e o fim do caminho... Aguas de Marco."

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Stopover Singapore > Kathmandu
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