Makeover Suggestion 9: Sailing for Everyone in Barbados?


"Sailing for everyone regardless of ability"

There is no more straightforward way to present the "Sailing for Everyone" philosophy emanating from Victoria's Dockland Yacht Club than to give it to you verbatim below.

It has taken root in China Ai Hung Hai (I Love Sailing) on one side of the globe and France's La Voile Ensemble (Sailing for Everyone) on the other. 

"Sailability Victoria - Sailing for Everyone" grew out of the need to the re-think entry level sailing, to simplify everything, to return to the basics. In today's world of seemingly unlimited choice, we have to encourage people into a new activity, not threaten them with confusing rules and jargon and reward them with a dunking.

The philosophy of "Sailing for Everyone" has found expression in an organisation known as "Sailability" which itself began as sailing for the disabled, then grew into facilitating sailing for people with disabilities, and finally blossomed into sailing for everyone, regardless of ability.

We have now amalgamated with Sailability for a cohesive front to promote sailing for everyone, including the disabled, worldwide.

Access Sailing Incorporated

Access Sailing Club Inc is a member of the Victorian Disabled Sports Advisory Committee and the charity of the Victorian Boating Industry Association's melbourne Boat Show. As an incorporated entity it facilitates its branches to own their own property, primarily sailing dinghies and safety craft purchased through sponsorships from local businesses and service clubs, and maintains the organisation's insurance policies. Currently we have branches at Docklands, Bennala, Ballarat, Warnambool and Portland with more evolving all the time.

Club established at Docklands, Melbourne merging with the Docklands Yacht Club.

For any feedback or requests, please e-mail Web Manager, Colin Johanson.


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