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Quisiera visitar a Mexico -- I have been wanting to visit Mexico.
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Unfortunately the country has never launched a campaign directed at educating slow walkers, seniors, and travelers with disabilities that it is has several hidden gems as experienced vacation providers:

Bill Bussear
Freedom Shores Resort
Isla Aguada (Ciudad del Carmen), Campeche
Gulf Coast

Judith Cardenas
Cancun Acessible
Cancun, Yucatan
Caribbean Coast

Adriana Ramirez
Mexico Acessible
Puerto Vallarta
Pacific Coast (Sea of Cortez)

Jim Coffey
Esprit Whitewater Adventures
Jalcomulco, Veracruz (inland; seasonal)

But it is going out of its way to say the flu is not a reason to stay home.

Now, if they would only do half as much to let us know where someone in a wheelchair can stay once we get there!

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If the photos are not enough to stop your heart then the poetry of the Argonautical Water Park in Afissos is guaranteed to cause palpitations in even the most robust cardiac pacemaker:

  Built in an amphitheatre style, Afissos is a coastal village and is one of the prettiest in the whole Pelion region. It is picturesque and alive with activity and colour along its harbour seafront with many tavernas and bars.

    In the shady village square water springs from the same fountain which, according to the legend, the Argonauts stocked up with water before their epic adventure to find the Golden Fleece. Afissos is surrounded by three wonderful beaches of Kalifteri, Lagoudi and beautiful Abovos.

Have a look at their Sailability fleet here.

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