On the Air and In the Air at O. R. Tambo Airport

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So, what might be the practical implications of the popular description of the Johannesburg airport:

"O.R. Tambo - the world's only construction site with its own airport!"
Well, combine the soundscape of jet engines, departure announcements, jackhammers, and crying children with fact that I have a radio interview and a video shoot back-to-back and you start to get a hint.

Have you ever noticed how the reserved parking, accessible hotel room, or wheelchair-friendly bathroom seems to be off in a corner far from everything else. I was absolutely certain that I would go to my grave never finding a redeeming quality in these subtleties of segregation.

I was wrong!

There is a good use for having a disabled-only single-person bathroom way down at the end of the hall and around the corner. There is no place in the entire airport more insulated from the power washers' whoosh, vacuum cleaner's clang, and hammer's throb.

I called in my radio interview to Doug Anderson's Radio 2000 show from the can.

On to the video shoot with Piet Human of Incar.

Unfortunately the empty quiet lounge we found overlooking the runway did not long stay that way. Funny how a tv and a microphone brings people from out of nowhere.

The gathering crowd made for some challenging background buzz to edit out later.

The most troubling sonic intrusion was a bird that thudded smack into the plate glass and slid unceremoniously down to the tarmac three stories below. I know it's not the environmentally friendly way to think but I did find myself calculating how much less collateral damage there was from this bird's solo dive into a window as compared to the possibility of it taking the same headlong plunge into a jet engine as a plane rose for takeoff.
I also couldn't help but note how remarkably similar the recently deceased looked to the Water Dikops of Kruger Park that exhibited an identical Darwinian tendency toward early extinction during our night game drive a few nights ago.
Off to Cape Town now flying on 1 Time Airlines (Somehow the name does not fill me with a sense of confidence. Let's hope their mascot is not the Water Dikop.)
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