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Ideology & Pragmatism


Ideology & Pragmatism

Scott Rains

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As people with disabilities we bristle when our rights are referred to as "special needs."

There on this slippery slope the word "special" is in itself demeaning and limiting. We are faced with our rights and entitlements being negated by this emotional argument. 

Yet, yet even those who make their living providing inclusive travel understand that these offensive words are used frequently online by those who want inclusive travel. Ideology quickly collapses in the face of pragmatism.

Inclusive tourism is the application of Universal Design by the tourism industry to create products for the broadest range of persons operating under the broadest range of conditions with out the stigma of people traveling Under the label of "special needs". Providing for travelers with differences in functional ability is a quality of service issue. It is nothing "special" unless it is designed out from the start.

Consistently tourism for all asks, "Why is this segment of the market excluded from a normal level of quality of service?" Yet, continually we must remember that people with disabilities are not one group with uniform characteristics. How we choose to promote tourism for all at that moment depends greatly on what are personal needs are. R remembering to mention the goals and principles of universal design can broaden a reference to inclusive tourism from a person a complaint to a practical suggestion. Solution. 

When packing your travel gear carry a robust definition of travel for all.