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Making it Work is  project dedicated to seeing the CRPD implemented. Below is the series of questions they propose to States who are adopting the Convention on Rights of Persons with disabilities

Article 30 - Participation in cultural life, recreation, leisure and sport

Access to culture, recreation, leisure and sport are also important areas to be taken into 
account for the full participation in society of persons with disabilities. 

Questions to address: 

• Are intellectual property laws a barrier to persons with disabilities seeking to 
access cultural materials?  
• Does public funding provided to cultural, leisure/touristic and sporting facilities 
and organizations require compliance with accessibility standards?  
• Do general accessibility plans include the elimination of barriers in culture, 
recreation, leisure and sport?  
• Is the State providing support to disability-specific initiatives in the area of sports 
and culture? 
• Is the State promoting and supporting deaf culture

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