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Both funny and intelligent - this article by Bill Forrester is a great read for anyone implementing Inclusive Tourism.


Below is the European report "Mapping of Skills and Training needs to improve accessible tourism services". 

The report includes all findings of the research and data collection, the full analysis of results and a set of conclusions and recommendations. To facilitate dissemination, all country level data and the 20 case study reports my be downloaded here: 

 Authored for the European Commission by Pierre Hausemer, Ivor Ambrose, Kei Ito and Monika Auzinger. 

The study is downloadable as PDF here:

A major part of the Research Study commissioned in 2013 by the European Commission and awarded to VVAENAT and3s Research, involved the preparation of 20 Case Studies, examining accessible tourism training programmes and projects in Europe and abroad.

The selected Case Studies can be regarded as examples of good practice in vocational education and training, although certain weaknesses are also identified, where appropriate.

On the ENAT website the following case studies may be downloaded:

List of Skills and Training Case Studies

  1. ABTA, United Kingdom

  2. ETCAATS, EU Training Project, Sweden
  3. Perfil - Psicologia e Trabalho, Portugal
  4. SCANDIC Hotels, Sweden
  5. Kéroul
 Welcoming Ways, Canada
  6. ATHENA EU Training Project, Czech Republic
  7. Via Libre, Spain
  8. VisitEngland, United Kingdom
  9. People 1st, Welcome All. United Kingdom 

  10. PEOPLECERT, Greece
  11. COIN, Italy
  12. HERMES Airports, Cyprus
  13. Cluster for Accessible Tourism, Bulgaria
  14. Lousã, Accessible Tourism Destination, Portugal
  15. TACTALL EU Training Project, Spain
  16. Ministry of Tourism, Ontario, Canada

  17. Disney Corporation, France
  18. VisitFlanders' Accessibility Training, Belgium
  19. Barrier-Free Destinations, Germany
  20. EU Funded Training Projects


From Martin Heng:

Travelling has always been in my blood. Perhaps I inherited it from my father, who was born in Singapore, travelled the world with the British Merchant Navy and finally settled in the UK, where I was born. I've lived and worked in half a dozen countries and travelled to more than 40. In the 80s and 90s I spent the best part of 10 years on the road, pausing only long enough to make enough money for the next trip.

Imagine my euphoria in 1999 when I landed a job with Lonely Planet, whose books had been my constant companion across three continents over the previous decade! I've been with the company ever since in several different roles, including Trade Publishing Manager and Editorial Manager, overseeing the production of the entire range of printed books.

Accessible Oklahoma

Tour an A.D.A. accessible cabin at Roman Nose State Park with Shel Wagner. You'll see this cabin accomodates guests with any sort of disability. And Crazy Snake Trail at Lake Eufaula State Park is also A.D.A. accessible. The interpretive signs and educational elements at wheelchair level make for a perfect "hike" through dense forest on a winding paved trail.


By Michele Simões :

A little over a year I rediscovered what it was like to feel like myself, traveling the streets, meeting people and making the world my own on wheels. It changed my outlook on disability. 

Each new happiness was shared on Wheelchair Travelers' Guide (Guia do Viajante Cadeirante), where through messages and "likes" I could gain strength and move ahead

How could it not be so? Through the site where I've met so many cool people a new invitation came.

October 4 my travel destination will be Montreal in Canada where I will study more and explore a place totally unknown to me.

The butterflies in my stomach and anxiety are part of the baggage I'll carry but the desire for unforgettable stories makes this all even more exciting. 

So, follow me to Canada?

PhotoAbility Sampler

Clips from a presentation on Inclusion tourism with news commentary in Nepali.


Rogélia Heriberta.jpg
In 2011 my friend, Brazilian psychologist Marta Alencar, visited Nepal.She has a project that introduces people to mobility impairments in a unique way. She created an imaginary character named Tina Descolada who is a doll in a wheelchair. ( Marta created a heartfelt slideshow for me to include in some of my presentations next week. You will find it here:

Soft Wheels

End Discrimination

Guide Dog Discrimination.jpg

ADVERTISEMENT: Image shows a dog's face, in what looks like a merging of a black lab and a golden retriever, looking directly at the viewer. There is a perfect line directly down the middle of the dog's face, in perfect symmetry separating both sides of the dog's face. One side is covered with black fur, the fur on the other side is white. The caption positioned just beneath the dog's eyes above 
the nose reads "BLACK OR WHITE: It's Time To End Discrimination." Further down there is additional text, in smaller print, white text on black fur. It reads: "Guide dogs are allowed into cafes and restaurants. Deny them access and you're breaking the law." Opposite the text, where the dog has white fur, is a logo of a dog wearing a harness with the word "Guide Dogs" and the website

Recommendations on Accessible Tourism

Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities!

For individuals with disabilities, travel and tourism can be an empowering experience. UNWTO is convinced that travel facilitation for people with disabilities is a vital element of any responsible and sustainable tourism development policy.

Download your own copy of UNWTO's recently updated Recommendations on Accessible Tourism here: 

Learn more about UNWTO's accessible tourism work here:
Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities!

 For individuals with disabilities, travel and tourism can be an empowering experience. 

UNWTO is convinced that travel facilitation for people with disabilities is a vital element of any responsible and sustainable tourism development policy. 

Download your own copy of UNWTO's recently updated Recommendations on Accessible Tourism here: 

Learn more about UNWTO's accessible tourism work here:

Tomorrow is the European Day of People with Disabilities including a 2-day conference by the European Commission. This year's focus is on accessible tourism. 

Accessible Tourism in Europe.jpg

Also: the winning city of the Access City Award for 2014 will be announced.

She's not a hero.

Not an inspiration.

Just a citizen.

Follow a very normal woman doing something very normal - traveling freely across her own country.

From Ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:

Seoul Park.jpg

What are your personal experiences with traveling overseas? 
Where did you go? Was it accessible? What kind of challenges did you encounter? 

Sharing your personal travel experiences with Senators will help them understand the issues citizens with disabilities encounter when traveling and living overseas. Let's give them REAL STORIES to share with fellow Senators and others who may not support the CRPD. If you haven't traveled overseas and would like to, what are some of your concerns?

Email your story to us at I'd also like an open discussion here on Facebook.. So, let's talk about it! 

We heard Rep. Tammy Duckworth talk about how veterans and others have been told to store their artificial limbs in overhead bins during flights from overseas. She mentioned in her testimony issues concerning military families with special needs. And, we've heard about common issues such as no ramps, elevators, etc. 

What are your personal experiences and what are your concerns?

O envelhecimento da população, o aumento dos casos de violência somados aos casos de deficiência congênita, provocaram uma pressão social por adaptações e adequações tanto arquitetônicas quanto atitudinais. O debate tornou-se intenso e o envolvimento das próprias pessoas com deficiência tornou-se mais expressivo, exigindo mudanças rápidas. 

Bruna Mendes Book.jpg

Assim, discutir e praticar a inclusão social deixou de ser algo meramente teórico! Setores antes isolados e considerados complementares começaram a ser estudados para garantir um amplo acesso desse segmento, sendo esse o momento em que o setor da hospitalidade se encontra. Apesar do número de turistas com deficiência não ser alto, a frequência vem aumentando, não podendo esquecer-se do efeito multiplicador, já que esse público costuma viajar acompanhado. 

Porém, apesar do potencial, ainda é um setor pouco explorado, existindo uma ampla área de crescimento, mas que exige conhecimento e especialização dos profissionais e empresas, o que perpassa pelo contato com as pessoas com deficiência e familiares, além da disseminação de informações, sendo esse o objetivo principal desse livro. Boa Leitura!

Publishing house: Novas Edições Acadêmicas


By (author) : Bruna C. Mendes

Number of pages: 180

Published on: 2013-10-02

Price: 41.90 €

Keywords: Turismo, Hospitalidade, Pessoas com Deficiência, Inclusão Social

Buy it here:

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