Nepal Technical Assistance: Vehicle Ramps and Lifts - Part 2


From May 14 - 23, 2014 I will be traveling through Nepal providing technical assistance to the tourism industry on accommodating travelers with disabilities. This article looks at regional innovators.

The most complete information available online regarding converting passenger vans for use by or for those who use wheelchairs tends to focus on the American market. This discussion focuses on two of India's pioneers in the accessible personal ground transportation market:

Prasad uses the uses the Toyota Qualis.

Qualis Samartha.JPG

You can see his vehicles here

Arvind uses the Tata Motors Winger.

Access4All Tata Winger.jpg

You can see his vehicles here:

The article "Nepal Technical Assistance: Vehicle Ramps and Lifts - Part 3" will include videos of vehicle modification using examples from the USA.

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