January 05, 2009

Cocooning, Staycations - and Universal Design as the Next Trend in Resort Design

Joann Pestaschnick writes about the trends that portend hope for travelers with disabilities - starting at home:

As the cost of fuel makes travel increasingly expensive, there’s a growing tendency among homeowners to stay put and add some new features to their homes. Call it a "staycation" or call it cocooning, but the focus is changing. "People are definitely turning inward, paying more attention to their homes and their quality of life," says Ed Miller of E. Miller & Associates in Cedarburg, and chairman of the Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA) Remodelers Council...

Some of the trends popular in the last couple of years are back again, says Chellee Siewert, chief operating officer of the MBA in Waukesha. For example, the concept of "aging in place" supports the notion that older persons should be able to live in their own homes for as long as confidently and comfortably possible. Livability can be extended through the incorporation of universal design principles and other assistive technologies. Modifications to bathrooms and changes to accommodate a wheelchair are common.

This idea of aging in place has become so popular that the MBA now offers a certification in it, according to Siewert. "What we heard from our members is that there is the need to respond to consumer demands. So, we developed this CAP (Certified Aging in Place) designation for our members who complete a series of seminars," she says.


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