January 13, 2009

Yeoh Siew Hoon's Encounter with the Temporariness of Being Non-Disabled


Yeoh Siew Hoon has been writing on travel for two decades. For 18 months she recently used a hard cast. It changed her writing.

See her piece "This Much I Know About Accessible Tourism." You'll find some themes we all share here:

I am an eternal optimist and I believe in these tough times, and with what has brought the global economy to its knees –all the stories of greed and fraud we have heard – we will become a more caring world. And if each of us look hard for our silver lining, we will all find it.

The niche market of accessible tourism could well be the silver lining for travel companies who are smart enough to recognise the potential and go after it in a targeted, responsible manner. Since it is such a new field, the ones who do it first and who get it right will have an advantage.

I see accessible tourism as the second wave behind the environment, which is now finally top on the agenda for tourism and other businesses. And just as it did with environmental issues, it will take a combination of political will, legislation and growing consumer demand to force the pace of change.

Posted by rollingrains at January 13, 2009 07:12 PM