January 07, 2009

Good Design Award 2008

The Financial resports on the Good Design Award for 2008 - an example of the Universal Design/Green convergence:

The JAL First Class chopsticks won a 2008 Good Design Award in the category of Tabletop for their elegant aesthetics and ergonomic functionality. Commissioned by JAL, the chopsticks were designed by Tripod Design Co. Ltd, Tokyo, represented by Satoshi Nakagawa, Japan.

The Good Design award is a prestigious international award that puts the spotlight on innovative new product designs and graphics. The Museum’s historic GOOD DESIGN program was founded in Chicago in 1950 by some of America’s most important designers, and it remains one of the world’s oldest and most important Awards Program

Made of cedar wood, the smooth surfaced chopsticks have slightly been narrowed towards their upper ends to make them easier and more comfortable to grip. Fulfilling the principles of the Universal Design, this chopstick was created with special consideration for elderly passengers, and passengers who may not be frequent users of chopsticks.

Universal design is an approach to the development and improvement of products, services and environments so that they are usable by as many people as possible regardless of age, ability or situation.

From an environmental perspective, as with all chopsticks used onboard JAL, the award-wining chopsticks have been made with wood obtained in Japan from forest-thinning to supports forest conservation efforts.


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