December 23, 2008

Advertising Hotel Room Accessibility


Simon Darcy has written the definitive article on the needs of travelers with disabilities for lodging information. Most importantly he tackles the question of how to present that information in the article, "A Methodology for Testing Accessible Accommodation Information Provision Formats." Download file

OK, so with a title like that most people will be waiting for the video version to come out...

We will be using Darcy's paper as background to prepare presenters at the 2009 SATH Conference for the panel, "Will this Hotel Fit My Needs?" Some new ideas will be presented involving streamlined accessibility audits and videotaped room reviews. In the meantime, while the travel industry stumbles idly in the general direction of a solution, the folks at Dapper may have created a way to bootstrap to Internet stardom the first hotel chain to get it right.

With accurate and relevant accessibility information captured in its databases and exposed for web developers to use ( to "mashup") such innovators could see themselves as Internet celebrities with a viral word-of-mouth campaign online promoting them.

Who might these disabled-friendly innovative hotel chains turn out to be?

My bets, based on past and current exemplary performance, would be Microtel in the US, Protea in Africa, or the ITC-Welcome group in India.

Below is a screencast on the technology that might be an unexpected boon to hotels pursuing inclusion. Learn how to make a dynamic contextual ad with MashupAds in 5 minutes: Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of how to make a dynamic, contextual ad with Dapper MashupAds for a travel website and travel publisher.

Posted by rollingrains at December 23, 2008 05:58 AM