December 21, 2008

The UD "Boom" in Housing Design - Aging in Place Will Impact Hotel Design

Stories on Universal Design in homes keep getting better and better in the mainstream US press.

Partly that is the convergence of promotion of UD by AARP and serious efforts by home appliance m=designers to accommodate the very real desire of the Boomer population bulge in aging in their own homes. Partly is is the tireless advocacy of Eleanor Smith and allies for Visitability at Concrete Change. Partly it is just good research and interesting writing.

Take the latest example to come across my desk -- Appliance makers fine tune aging-in-place features for baby boomers by Julia Bauer in The Grand Rapids Press:

The population bulge of 76 million [Baby Bomers] has surged through the economic landscape since birth.

All that buying power -- a big chunk of the $25 billion U.S. appliance market -- is prompting manufacturers to pay closer attention to focus groups of old-timers.

But as those appliance and home products makers fine-tune features, they serve more than just baby boomers.

Within 10 years, many younger families will have live-in senior citizens. And designs to help the aging customer also can foster independence for children, said Margaret Biggs, a universal design consultant with Disability Advocates of Kent County.

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