December 30, 2008

Travel Weekly Cruise Club on the Needs of Travelers with Disabilities

Travel Weekly Cruise Club and Complete Cruise Solution members were asked what innovations they think passengers would value most on future ships.

“For regular cruisers quality is more important than gimmicks. Different types of restaurants gives people more variation. Smaller, more intimate restaurants could be introduced on more ships. It is a good idea to introduce more single cabins and I can see value in larger cabins for groups or families on a budget.” David Sixsmith, Personal Travel Advisor (part of Future Travel Group), Wigan

“I find the lack of single cabins on cruise ships appalling. It is an ideal holiday for single travellers, so why don’t other companies offer a special rate to single travellers instead of asking them to pay double?” Adele Parry, sales consultant, TR4 Travel, Holywell, Flintshire

“I would like to see larger dance floors, single cabins with no extra supplements, a reduced rate for carers who attend with a disabled passenger, and more choice for vegetarians. There should be a mobility co-ordination officer to meet disabled passengers.” Tracy McFall, sales consultant, Accessible Travel, Bath

"I think Cruise customers would welcome P&O Cruises' decision to incorporate 18 single cabins in their new build; a return to traditional values aboard cruise ships – courtesy, respect and not forever trying to squeeze the last penny out of folk in on-board spend; more new and different itineraries and ports of call, and more special interest cruises." Martin Hay, GoCruise, The Ribble Valley

"A number of clients have said the thing they would like most is a specialty fish restaurant with a wide menu choice. Perhaps celebrity chefs could be on board giving cookery demonstrations? Most gripes are for family cabins, and the price for single cabins is a big issue. They could have smaller cabins at a lesser cost. Also more regional departures would be welcomed by customers." Sandra Lines, Knowle Travel, Knowle, Solilhull

“The industry continues to introduce outstanding ships and deliver better service than any other holiday. Cruising is no longer one size fits all.”
Mark Pilkington, sales director, Complete Cruise Solution (TW Cruise Club sponsor)


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