November 15, 2008

Responsible Tourism at WTM

From by Nelson Alcantara

Messages and pleas for providing clean water and spearheading peace through tourism in the next 20 years have been conveyed in the past four days at London’s largest travel exhibition. The word responsible has taken over this year’s World Travel Market. Wherever you turn, “responsible” seems to be the buzzword. If it were a destination, there would be an exodus moving towards that direction.

Tuesday proved to be a remarkable day in this regard, as the International Peace through Tourism brought together leaders from key tourism organizations including SKAL International, America Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Pacific Travel Association, United Nations World Tourism Organization, Travel Industry Association of America, Canada Tourism Commission, World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation, and Reed Travel Exhibitions who each shared their vision for peace in the next 20 years of travel and tourism.

Fiona Jeffery
, chair of World Travel Market, said: “IIPT has ambitious aims, which given the many conflicts raging throughout the world, some might say are without hope. But are they hopeless or can the international travel and tourism industry say something that offers a lesson to the world? Of course, it can!”


Note the the Responsible Tourism movement highlisghs inclusion in their definition of responsible tourism here.

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