November 13, 2008

And Even More Design for All - Enabled by Design

Yesterday it was time to celebrate the forthcoming issue of Design for All India . The day before we had the chance to highlight again Wendy Jordan's book Universal Design for the Home.

Today have a look at a new social entrepreneurial project in the Universal Design space out of the UK called Enabled by Design. Congratulations to Denise Stephens!:


Enabled by Design supports anyone looking to make adjustments to their lives through the use of assistive equipment, be it as a result of disability, injury or personal identified need. We aim to make independent living more accessible through the use of clever modern design. Enabled by Design bridges the communication gap between users of assistive equipment and designers, encouraging discussion and collaboration to produce both practical and stylish gadgets. The site provides an opportunity for people to air their views, talk through ideas and hopefully find some answers! It’s all about giving people the chance to adapt their lives in a way that fits around their individual needs.
...we will be working hard to build a strong, interested and engaged community of users and designers around our new site, which is being developed as we speak. Other priorities include continuing to promote the project to a wide and diverse audience of individuals and organisations, champion the notion of universal design and personalisation within the health sector.


Posted by rollingrains at November 13, 2008 04:08 PM