November 14, 2008

New in Canada: Accessible Travel

Accessible Travel.jpg

Community Solutions Limited of Greater Toronto Canada has launched a new service and web site Linking People & Places. Congratulations to CSL and especially Nancy Gagnon who guided creation of this initiative from its inception and now serves as Accessible Travel Coordinator!

Linking People & Places advertises a Cottage Getaway package and will expand their travel packages to include more:


Everyone loves the cottage! Community Solutions Limited: Linking People & Places, has been providing opportunities for cottage vacations since 2007 in response to requests from individuals and families to be able to experience the benefits of leisure in a cottage setting. Whether it's a long weekend to enjoy fall colours, a "mini-break" to try out snowshoeing, or a lazy summer week relaxing by the dock, our cottage vacations provide individuals with a chance to be themselves in a safe way.

For those interested in being travel companions the call for employees is open here:

Posted by rollingrains at November 14, 2008 04:51 PM